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About D Lat Ship Management & Trading LLP

We are D' lat ship management & Trading LLP. Working with World Largest tanker, Bulkers, Ro – Ro, Containers, Passenger, Cement Carrier Ship owner & Operator. We can provide Indian, Pakistani, Srilankan, Indonesian, Bangladeshi, Filipino, European Etc.

  • Trained/Competent Seafarers of all ranks for all types & Sizes of Vessel in particular to tankers, Bulkers, Cement Carrier, Ro- Ro, Container, Passenger, Etc.
  • Seafarers with Vetting Experience in PSC, CDI, EXXON, BP & SHELL. Our philosophy is to provide the best personnel /Crew members who embrace wholeheartedly our company’s spirit of teamwork & dedication to excellence, ensuring the smooth running and operational efficiency of the ship.

All the services we offer are implemented with High Degree of professionalism, careful follow up and close communication with our clients to confirm that company standards are being achieved.

Our objectives are to ensure that crew is:

  • Carefully screened and selected as Per STCW requirements.
  • Embarked and repatriated efficiently.
  • English speaking to communicate with each other on Board Ships or on shore working areas.
  • Comply with ISM code and IMO standards.
  • Worked at foreign companies before.
  • Monitoring of comprehensive records.

It is company policy to recruit who are experienced as necessary and medically fit, and appropriate to the operation of each ship. The implementation of this policy provides a high level of services to the contentment of our crew, which combined with our true care for our crew’s welfare, generates a substantial retention rate of qualified crew to the appreciation of our clients.

Technical Management:

  • To present an overview of the D Lat Ship Management & Trading LLP. And it’s capabilities to support ‘Commercial shipping operations and services’ on a global basis Contents

Vision Statement :

  • Technical Management
  • Crewing
  • Administration
  • Commercial Management
  • Project Management

How do we do it Systems Vision Statement :

  • Be a globally positioned international Ship Management Company
  • Deliver the highest standard of service
  • Meeting and exceeding client’s expectations through objectively measured performance.
  • Provide a dynamic ship management service that is- Safe Environmentally conscientious, Reliable, Cost effective adding significant and sustainable value to our clients business.

This Vision will be accomplished with our core values of:

  • Safety
  • Integrity through performance and partnership. Background
  • Crude. Product CPP & Bitumen, Bulk, Cement , Container Etc. experienced management.
  • Senior executives management with 30 years experience in technical ship management, more than 40 Tanker new building history.

What we do

  • Technical Management - Full technical management –
  • Purchasing –
  • Dry-docking
  • OPEX reports
  • ISM, ISPS and QA
  • Vetting admin.


  • Own pool of experienced seafarers.
  • Administration
  • Bookkeeping for a vessel owning company How do we achieve what we do?

Our people

  • Ashore and afloat are highly motivated, “can do” employees who we recruit, train and retain.
  • Our management systems – modern up to date, regularly reviewed and *improved, we learn on a global basis. Management Systems Implemented through in-house training and modern ship management software provided by :- - VMOSnet (PMS) - Navision accounting

Output and reports easily accessible to vessel owner

  • Used to encourage continuous improvement Office & ship systems replicated twice daily

Our Locations

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Clients Worldwide

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